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What Is Reiki Plus®?

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Reiki Plus®, an Art of Natural Healing

by David G. Jarrell, the founder of the Reiki Plus® System of Natural Healing

The Japanese word Reiki is in and of itself poetic as it translates as The Spiritual Power of God. Likewise, Reiki Plus® Natural Healing is an art form blending a unique combination of celestial elements, molding them with sensitivity, creativity, spiritual logic and everyday reality. The result is a science of God's mysteries for understanding healing.

How can you benefit from Reiki? You can receive a Reiki treatment with a practitioner of Reiki. The treatment brings relaxation, stress release and balance to your body. A Reiki treatment is you loving yourself enough to receive through another the healing energy of God. If you like massage or reflexology, you will love Reiki treatments. The deep penetrating warmth of Reiki flows through the practitioner's hands vitalizing all the cells and senses of the body, giving you a healthy and vibrant energy system.

Reiki is an effective tool to:

  • Increase our physical, emotional and mental stamina;
  • Reawaken or expand our spiritual connection to God;
  • Expand our conscious connection to our Higher Self;
  • To broaden our horizons;
  • Add depth to our understanding of life's mysteries;
  • and, clarity to the messages we receive from God.

A Brief History of Reiki

Mikao Usui, a native of Japan who lived from August 15, 1865 until March 9, 1926, spent much of his life in study and meditation, practicing the ancient art of natural healing. He sought to rediscover how Buddha had healed. There are many stories and legends outlining his history. Until all is known about his life, it will suffice to say that Usui dedicated his life to natural and mystical means of healing which originated in Tibet.

We are finding that his different disciples honored his vow in their own manner of interpretation: they preserved the teachings as they were taught and passed them down in their form to select persons.

The USA experienced an interpretation of the Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing which would best be called the "Modified Usui System by Dr. Hayashi." This system was influenced by Hayashi’s Methodist belief and desire to make Reiki a clinical modality available to the masses. Ms. Hawaya Takata, a native of Hawaii, was Initiated on February 21, 1938 by Dr. Hayashi and brought Reiki to the United States after WWII.

Takata trained thousands in Reiki, but only Initiated 22 Masters before she transitioned December 11, 1980.

Today Reiki has split into a variety of disciplines and schools of thought. There are more than I even know, and I have been teaching since August 5, 1981.

The Degrees of Reiki Plus®Training

First Degree Reiki Plus®is an exciting adventure into the realm of subtle energy healing. The student learns the techniques of self treatment for increased health and stamina and how to treat another person. The class is also spiritually transformational. Reiki Plus® training takes 16 - 20 hours (and evening and two full days) to present just the basic teachings and the 4 Attunements.

Reiki Plus® Second Degree training takes the student into the realm of distant healing, where one truly learns that time and space are one. The student also learns the sacred symbols and how to activate even greater amounts of healing energy for self and others. In our program, we also teach Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®. The practitioner learns to assist the client’s retrieval of cellular memories and how to release soul level trauma from the bio-magnetic (chakra) bodies that may be manifesting in the physical body.

Reiki Plus® Third Degree is a level of training and initiation for a Practitioner desiring even greater depth and intensity of Reiki energy. For the public practitioner, this level adds to the efficiency of the healing session and the cellular response of the client’s movement towards wellness. This is the last of the 4 classes comprising the Reiki Plus® Practitioner’s Certification Program.

A Reiki Plus® Master is a Teacher, who has completed the required studies and has been initiated with the same Mastership energy passed down through the direct lineage and teachings of David’s Tibetan Teacher and Dr. Usui.

Unless listed on our Web Page, anyone presenting themselves as a Reiki Plus® Master is misrepresenting their reality and are in potential violation of US Trademark and Patent Laws. Reiki Plus® is owned by David G. Jarrell, and only authorized and a licensed Reiki Plus® Master may use this Registered Service Mark as a business name in inter and intra state commerce.

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Our Teachings

David began to formulate the teachings of Reiki Plus® when he began to teach Reiki in August 1981. He was compelled to incorporate his knowledge and understanding of the Etheric (Chakra) Bodies, Divine Metaphysics, the Masters of the Rays, creative healing meditations and Free-Will Soul Choice into the format of his Reiki classes. He also taught other healing modalities, some of which utilized the energy of Reiki, and some of which did not. David called this new format Reiki Plus® knowing that he was adding to the traditional teachings of Reiki in the format of his Reiki classes.

The First Degree Class Format

Experiential segment:

Concepts Presented within the class lectures:

Divine Metaphysical discussions are woven through the fabric of lectures

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