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David Jarrell, founder of the Reiki Plus® Institute

We were all saddened when David made his transition in 2002

We'll always love you, David.

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David Jarrell   Richelle Jarrell, director of the Reiki Plus® Institute


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Richelle Jarrell
Annapolis, MD

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  Sharon Koehler
242 Guy Lombardo Ave
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 623-2767

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Sharon Koehler
Rebecca Mimms
Alexandria, Virginia
(703) 941-6775
FAX: (703) 642-1316

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Rebecca Mimms   Dimitra Moissiadou
Dimarhou Manesi
1 Kapodistrain
49100 Corfu, Greece
Telephone: 0661033616

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Dimitra Moissiadou
Leslie Mondul
Bluff City, TN 37618
(423) 538-7522

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eslie Mondul

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David G. Jarrell

Reiki Plus® Master, born August 1946 in North Carolina was the originator and developer of the holistic modalities Reiki Plus® Natural Healing and PSEBsm (Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodysm) Healing.

On the 5th day of February 1981 David received his spiritual Initiation into the mystical energy of Reiki from the Tibetan Master directing the Reiki Ray. Later the same year, after finishing his teacher training Reiki Master Virginia Samdahl, on the 5th day of August 1981, he was initiated by Reiki Master Barbara McCullough and subsequently by Phyllis Furumoto, the grand daughter of Hawaya Takata, becoming the 24th Reiki Master in the lineage of Hawaya Takata (Initiated by Hayashi, Initiated by Usui). David trained in the professional techniques of Sacral-Cranial Structural Balancing with Dr. Raymond Simpson, D.C. (Leigh, Florida) and was a certified Myofunctional Therapist from the Myofunctional Institute in Coral Gables, Florida.

David's involvement in the healing community began in 1971 and included being the founder and director and a Teacher of the Reiki Plus® Institute and founder and Senior Minister of the Pyramids of Light, Inc. a church of Natural Healing; and, the founding president of the Professional Holistic Practitioners of Connecticut in 1984. He also owned and managed Reiki Plus® Publications, which produces and publishes internationally sold books on the natural healing modality of Reiki Plus®.

In addition to his teaching, writing and publishing, he was a holistic practitioner. He incorporated the multi-dimensional techniques he has developed to release and heal the psycho-physical imbalanced energy carried within the persons mind, body and emotions to restore their spiritual connection with God.

A few of the Techniques he developed are known as:

  • Reiki Plus® Natural Healing: a holistic and spiritual approach incorporating the healing energy of Reiki and the educational curriculum to train the Reiki Plus® Practitioner to effectively provide quality health care to the public.
  • PSEBsm: balancing the biomagnetic energy that controls the physiology;
  • Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® a procedure to gently release the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious memories retained in the soma;
  • Spinal Attunement Techniquesm : aligning the spine without manipulation by releasing the stored trauma in the CNS.
David offered training in the field of Reiki Plus® and Etheric Body healing (PSEBsm), both have levels where a dedicated student can be come a teacher of these in depth approaches to healing the mind-body-emotional disconnect so that the personality can embrace the spiritual potential of the soul.

When David was not teaching or running the RPI, you could often find him boating and Scuba diving in the Florida Keys or some fun place to enjoy his life long hobby and part time vocation.

Scientific Research Projects:

  • Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas, Dr. William Braud Research Project presentation REIKI PLUS® NATURAL HEALING : AN ETHNOGRAPHIC/ EXPERIMENTAL STUDY FEB. 1985 Presented to the National PSI Symposium, 1985, Boston, Ma. A PSI research project measuring the efficacy of Reiki Plus® Absent Healing: healing energy sent to a person in a controlled setting and in a different location in the laboratory building. The results of this study proved the efficacy of Reiki Plus® energy sent over a distance through time and space. This research project was noted in the November Issue of Alternative Therapies 1997.
  • University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio. Experiment in directing the growth of controlled cultures by sending energy from Tennessee to Dayton. The research was designed and directed by Dr. Norma Adragna-Lauf, using white cells and bone marrow cells from sheep. June 30, 1995.

David made his transition on June 25, 2002. Please click here to view the memorial page for David.

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Richelle M. Jarrell

Richelle has taught Reiki since 1996.  She utilizes the wisdom sciences of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy in working with women and couples who desire to create magical relationships, have more vitality, and experience deeper love on a daily basis.  Her work goes in-depth with sign compatibility and other astrological factors essential for vibrant relationships, including how your Ayurvedic body type impacts your relationships and your health.

Richelle completed her B.S. in Biology from the University of California, Davis, and became an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor from Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda. She is a member of the British Association of Vedic Astrology and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and publishes two books on Reiki: "Reiki Plus Natural Healing" and "Reiki Plus Professional Practitioner’s Manual for Second Degree". 

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Tara began practicing Reiki with family and friends in the early 1980s after taking a Reiki seminar from Reiki Master David Jarrell. The improvements that she observed in the health of humans and animals after Reiki Plus® and Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodysm sessions led her to become a Reiki Plus® teacher and to incorporate Reiki as a regular part of her veterinary practice. She currently uses Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Homeopathy, Reiki, PSEB sm, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) tm, Essential Oils, and Flower Essences in her small animal holistic veterinary practice near Annapolis.

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Sharon Koehler


To provide practical, effective and knowledgeable assistance to clients through a program of natural healing. To assist clients to align their consciousness to attaining the highest potential of wellness they personally choose to claim.


Reiki Plus ® Institute - Celina, TN

August 21,1996 - Reiki Plus® Master and Minister of Teaching Ordination:

Completion of 60 hours additional training as a teacher of the Basic Practitioner’s Program.

August 20, 1996 - Reiki Plus®Advanced Practitioner and Minister of Healing:

September 22, 1994 - Reiki Plus® Practitioner and Minister

  • 09/92 Applied Psychology of Healing Anatomy
  • 06/92 Counseling Dynamics - Level 1
  • 05/92 Physio-Spiritual Etheric Body sm Work Level 1
  • 08/91 Acute and Chronic Illness

July 1990 - Basic Practitioner


  • 08/96 to Present Teacher - Reiki Plus® Institute
  • 01/96 to Present Sunrise Chiropractic and Wellness Office
    • Reiki Plus®Practitioner
    • Lecturer - Wellness Care Program
  • 08/96 to Present The Pyramids of Light, Inc
    • Second Vice President and Ministers Liaison
  • 08/95 to 08/96 Director at Large
  • 10/94 to Present Private Practice - Reiki Plus ®Practitioner


Health is defined as a state of physical and mental well-being, freedom from disease and pain.

Holistic health care is the practice of returning the complete person to that state of well-being, to empower people with the realization that life and healing come from within

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Rebecca Mimms

REBECCA J. MIMMS, CMT, is a Reiki Plus® Master, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and an Ordained Minister of Pyramids of Light Church of Natural Healing.

GOAL and JOURNEY . . .

. . . To provide a safe space for growth in spiritual understanding of one’s situation, and the opportunity to heal imbalances on all levels. . . . . . .

Rebecca’s personal travels of spiritual and professional development have been ongoing for the past 15 years. The last six have been a rich, wonderful experience with the Reiki Plus® Institute.

Since first studying Reiki in 1985, Rebecca has been dedicated to sharing natural healing techniques with others interested in improving their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The thrust of her work is to educate in the art of self-care, and to present doorways to understanding and healing the dynamics of one’s particular situation. To achieve this goal, Rebecca draws on a variety of techniques ranging from the principles and modalities of the subtle, profound energy work taught through the Reiki Plus® Institute, or the more direct physical contact of foot reflexology or deep tissue massage.


A bridge between two worlds is how Rebecca often thinks of herself. During the day she works in distance training and education as an instructional systems and employee development specialist with the federal government. On the weekends, she co-teaches Reiki Plus® First and Second Degree and maintains a small private practice of Reiki, reflexology, and massage.

Rebecca runs the Northern Virginia Center of the Reiki Plus® Institute. She holds monthly fellowship meetings and sponsor classes taught by Richelle Jarrell, director of the Reiki Plus® Institute.

Rebecca’s knowledge and understanding of the pressures of the corporate world add a special dimension to her work with clients. And she delights in bringing what she learns in her personal studies back into the workplace in the form of stress management education where people can learn of new alternatives to managing their own health needs. She has presented workshops and seminars on stress management and reflexology privately and to various U.S. government agencies. She honors the privilege of being part of another’s journey to wellness and spiritual development.


For her own body-mind maintenance, Rebecca selects from energy exercises such as qigong, yoga, and Taoist and polarity health exercises. She enjoys metaphysical studies, walking, hiking with her partner, Jay Quinn, and far too infrequent visits with her four fabulous grandchildren. Reiki continues to be her greatest teacher. Her current studies include Reiki, Buddhism, Sheng Zhen Qigong, and the present-moment blessings of parent care. Hobbies on hold include classical piano, expressive portrait painting, and dancing.


  • Reiki Plus® Master, Aug 1996
  • NCTMB, Nov 1994
  • State of VA Certification as Massage Therapist, 1998
  • Ordained Minister of Natural Healing, 1992
  • Certified Deep Muscle Massage Therapist, 1990
  • Certified Advanced Reflexologist, 1989
  • B.A. English, University of Colorado, 1961

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Dimitra Moissiadou

Dimitra lives in Saloniki with her husband and two children. Dimitra is a full time teacher of Reiki Plus® First and Second Degree, after retiring from the telecommunications field in 1997. After beginning her training with the founder of Reiki Plus® in 1985, she was Initiated a Reiki Plus® Master in 1992. Dimitra continued her training in the RPI through the sponsorship of classes and the Home Study Program. Using the Home Study Program proved an excellent means to prepare for the classes that David Jarrell would come to Saloniki to teach.

Following her First Degree Class, Dimitra became David's sponsor to Greece and began translating all the classes David teaches when he visits Saloniki. Dimitra is still David's translator, as David and Richelle come to Saloniki annually to teach the upper level classes in Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® and Third Degree and Etheric Body (PSEBsm) and many other spiritual development classes.

Dimitra teaches seminars in Saloniki and Corfu ( in Casa Lucia Sgombu which is a beautiful place to stay and enjoy nature)

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Leslie Mondul

Leslie Mondul, M.Ed., N.C.C., has over 20 years experience in healing and counseling work, and is a graduate of the World Service Order Leadership Training. She is a Reiki Plus® Master, and is also certified in techniques of Physio-Spiritual Etheric Body Healingsm, Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®, and Spinal Attunement Techniquesm. She is also trained in Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Essential Oils, Brain Gym and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).

Leslie is a Nationally Certified Counselor, and an ordained minister of the Pyramids of Light Church. She has designed the Exploring Partnerships With Self and Others course, and teaches this as well as Reiki Plus® courses for the Reiki Plus® Institute. Leslie has led various workshops since 1989, and her teaching and counseling experience includes working with all ages, focusing on a holistic health approach and empowering people to realize their own highest potential.

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