The Reiki Plus® Institute of Natural Healing

Pyramids of Light, Inc.

A Church of Natural Healing - 501 (c) 3, 509 (a) 1

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Our ministry is that of holistic health care providers offering Reiki Natural Healing to the public. The Church is founded on the principle of a Universal Loving God, from which all creation is an equal part and to which judgmental differences shall not be appropriate. We do espouse spiritual doctrines based on Universal Truths. Our teachings are based on Divine Metaphysics, whose Tenets guide our development along the principles of spiritual Christianity taught by Jesus, The Christ and Master Healer. Those who apply need to possess self motivation to work, participate, and whose Will Center Is aligned with Thy Will be Done, Not Mine.

Affiliate Status:

An Affiliate of the Pyramids of Light holds a Non-Minsterial status within the church. An Affiliate receives the Pyramids of Light Newsletter, which is published four times a year, and is welcome to attend the annual Pyramids of Light Retreat. Dues for the Affiliate Status are $25.00. Any student of Reiki is welcome to apply for Affiliate Status, especially if they are in the process of considering an application for Ministry.

Invitation for Ordination in the "Order of Healing"

All students of Reiki aligned with the techniques and philosophy taught in Reiki Plus® First and Second Degree Classes and who desire to offer their healing services to the public are invited to apply for Ordination as a Minister.

Any student of Reiki may take the training with one of the Reiki Plus® teachers in your area or you may elect to take First and Second Degree through the Home Study Program (see side bar). The Home Study program offers the flexibility of self-paced study and at a reduced cost.

An Application may be requested after completing Reiki Plus® First and Second Degree.

Ministerial Responsibilities - in brief.

  1. All ordained ministers shall have the Right to Practice Natural Healing.
  2. Pledge an annual Tithing of financial support.
  3. Comply with all State and Federal regulations.
  4. Keep records of all clients and maintain the professional standards of integrity of Reiki.
  5. Support and Promote the Reiki Plus® Institute's seminars in your area.
  6. File an annual Minister’s Report of your healing ministry.

Ministers Protocol:

As a Minister, you represent the Pyramids of Light Church to the public. Each Minister has a fiduciary responsibility to the public regarding natural healing and ethical standards of behavior, i.e.:

  1. Appropriate behavior in any given community situation;
  2. Professional presentation as a minister of the Healing Order;
  3. Non use of illegal substances and non abuse of legal substances.


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