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First Degree Reiki Plus®

20 Credit Hours
6-90" Recordings
Initiations, book and Recordings: $215
  Recordings only: $100
Cannot Travel to a RPI Class? Then take First Degree at your home, includes all Initiations, book and the First Degree Taped Class. Email for details.

This seminar is designed to teach techniques to use with the self and with clients to promote healing, relaxation and the reduction of stress. Learn how to activate, direct and apply Reiki healing to self and others to give a total body Reiki treatment; appreciate the human energy system with its natural restorative and balancing mechanisms; understand how Reiki is an independent healing system, as well as an adjunct to all healing processes; identify hand positions to be used with selected disorders and diseases; understand that Reiki is a self-growth tool facilitating personal wellness of mind, body & emotions.

You may also want to order the book Reiki Plus® Natural Healing (4th Edition) by David G. Jarrell


Second Degree Reiki Plus®

15 Credit Hours
3-60" Recordings
Initiations, book and Recordings:$300
Recordings only: $100
Cannot Travel to a RPII Class? Then take Second Degree at your home, includes all Initiations, book and the Second Degree Taped Class. Email for details

Learn the mystical aspects of Second Degree; the activation of Second Degree Energy; Distant Healing techniques; heightened intuitive sensitivity. The material is tied together with information on the Eight Etheric Bodies, and Esoteric Anatomy and Psychology

Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki.

You may also want to order the book Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner's Manual for Second Degree (3rd edition) by David G. Jarrell


Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®

25 Credit Hours
6 - 90" Recordings plus class $300
Recordings only $200
Identify psycho-physical, emotional and mental imbalances and know when Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® is an appropriate modality. Learn several approaches to opening the client to accepting Forgiveness and Divine Love - the essential element necessary for a complete and irreversible healing. Learn several approaches of the Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique.

Prerequisite: Second Degree Reiki. Please send a photocopy of your Second Degree Degree Certificate

Students of Second Degree Initiation wishing to take this class, please submit a photocopy of your Second Degree Certificate with your Order. Credit Hours and Certification of Completion of Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® is awarded after completion of the Practicum and submission of the healing Treatment Forms.


Advanced Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®

Prerequisites: Second Degree and Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®
20 Credit Hours
6 - 90" Recordings $200

Learn the advance Creative Distribution Techniquesm developed from David’s extensive healing work with the Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique. You will learn the sacrum’s involvement in the distribution of light for a healthy body-mind-emotions balance. This training will provide you an understanding to work with deeper rooted imbalances and disorders, while learning an entirely new way of mapping the clients’ imbalanced energy.

Credit Hours and Certification of Completion is awarded after completion of Practicum and submission of clients healing forms.


Intuitive Evaluation of Client Consciousness

20 Credit Hours
6-90" Recordings  $100
Learn how the Masters of the Brotherhood of Light have been directing your spiritual journey since the day you said, "There has to be another way." This course combines the steps and stages of guidance and growth directed by the Masters of each Ray of Spiritual Consciousness and aligns it with your Soul's journey through the lessons of the Personality. A powerful class containing essential material for spiritual healing and recognizing your potential for infusing your soul in the Christ Consciousness of Light. Learn what the colors surrounding you or your clients and friends really mean. Know what Ray you or they are evolving through and when the Rays of the Personality will be completed and the infusions of the soul's permanent Rays will take place.

Holographic Theory (Astro-Physiology and Anatomy)

You will learn an applied method of Spiritual Astrology developed over the past quarter of a century by David's daily use of astrology to understand the unique and divine nature of the soul, not only for understanding but as an invaluable aid in healing. 50 Credit Hours.

Segment 1: An astrological foundation is built to develop a spiritual and transpersonal perspective to astrology. Natal information, Chakras, Aspects, signs and houses are studied.

7-90" Recordings $90 (includes book Chakra Astrology by David G. Jarrell.)


Segment 2: Learn recognition of physical, emotional and psychological disorders, knowledge of the planetary dominion of each chakra and its associated anatomy to the CNS, and understand how to read the potential of spinal imbalances by natal aspects. Interpret natal charts spiritually.

7-90" Recordings $75


Segment 3: Learn Aspect delineation of Natal, Transits and Progressions and how the cycles of the planets direct our growth. Gain an understanding of the Spiritual transpersonal Ego compared to the Personality's ego.

7-90" Recordings $75


Esoteric Psychology

12.5 Credit Hours

6 - 90" Recordings $100

teaches the practitioner of Natural Healing the keys to listening and hearing what your client is really wanting you to hear. The student will learn procedures to assess the client for obtaining the thesis of the client's psycho-physical challenge. Techniques to develop insight to see the subtle implications presented by the client's words describing the conditions (symptoms). The proper listening to the client's words and description of conditions will provide delineation and synthesis. The reward of this technique is learning how to redirect the psycho-physical towards wellness -- the ability to handle difficult situations without debilitating stress.

Objectives: The student will learn the objectives and techniques of the Client's Interview:

  1. Proper listening techniques.
  2. Assessment of symptomatic information.
  3. Psycho-physical profile.
  4. Redirection of mind-body-emotions towards wellness.
  5. Selecting the proper healing modality for the client's needs.

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Esoteric Anatomy

12.5 Credit Hours
6-90" Recordings $100
Teaches the Practitioner the fundamental tools of Esoteric Anatomy and Psychology. The technique is for integrating subjective symptoms through intuitive observation by the Practitioner. Understanding how the Personality vs. the Spiritual consciousness must be approached to properly interpret a client's process of challenge.


  1. Esoteric Anatomy: Learn to delineate the body's psycho-physical, psycho-emotional and psycho-mental dynamics.
  2. Chakra Anatomy: Learn the relationship of the Etheric Bodies and the neurological connection to the glands and organs by chakra dominion.
  3. Learn an integrative approach to unite your working knowledge of Esoteric and Chakra Anatomy.
  4. Learn the function of Faith, Trust and Forgiveness.

You may also want to order the book Esoteric Anatomy and Psychology by David G. Jarrell ($25)

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Breath of Lightsm

2 Credit Hours
2-60" Recordings $20
An Illuminating experience - In three hours you will learn: How Light enters the body and charges it with vital energy; How Light flows to the organs, glands and tissue; How your emotions unconsciously limit your receptivity of the Light; How to Master your emotional responses to old negative patterns; How to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual health; How to use energy exercises that direct Light to strengthen the body and reduce or even eliminate pain. Experience David Jarrell's beautiful and healing Forgiveness Meditation

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