The Reiki Plus® Institute of Natural Healing

Holistic Health Education for Practitioner Certification Programs - Reiki

The Reiki Plus® Institute offers the following five Programs along with Electives:

Reiki Plus® Practitioner's Program

Reiki Plus® Mastership Program for Teachers

PSEBsm Practitioner's Program

PSEBsm Mastership Program for Teachers

Reiki Plus® Home Study Program

Reiki Plus® Practitioner’s Program

The following classes are taught by all Licensed Reiki Plus® Teachers

Reiki Plus® First Degree
2 – 2 ½ Days
Objectives to learn:
  1. Reiki is the art and science of activating, directing and applying universal life energy.
  2. Reiki energizes your entire system and increases your physical, mental and emotional stamina.
  3. Reiki is very effective for total relaxation and stress release and it is for healing Self and Others.
  4. Reiki expands your vision of your spiritual journey and perspective of your spiritual path.

Basic self-care techniques are taught and information for healing disorders.

Reiki Plus® Second Degree
2 Days
Objectives to learn:
  1. The process of how Second Degree energy heals faster, deeper and more intensely;
  2. Learn how to send healing energy through Time and Space to friends, family and clients;
  3. Experience the exciting, challenging expansion of the healing concepts taught in Reiki I, plus additional concepts and techniques for working with friends and clients.

Lectures offer integration of the Subtle Bodies to directly assist positive transformations in the consciousness of the person receiving healing

Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus®
3 Days
  1. Learn to identify psycho-physical, emotional and mental disorders with which the Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique is an appropriate holistic intervention.
  2. Learn the Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique and learn how to assist the client to remove stored trauma and dis-ease from the chakra bodies manifesting in the physical body.
  3. Learn how the Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique assists the client to create a receptive consciousness for healing.
Reiki Plus® Third Degree Practitioner
2 Days


  1. Learn how Third Degree energy heals faster and operates at a totally different vibrational rate.
  2. Experience Third Degree group treatments, Third Degree Distant healing and explore other unique aspects of this healing energy that unlocks the subconscious and unconscious mind.
  3. Reiki III accelerates the Practitioner’s healing energy offering a deeper healing process to clients and self.

Experience the One-Year "21 Day Healing Cycle".

Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner’s Certification

The distinguished certificate of recognition Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner is presented to Reiki Plus® students upon successful completion of the open book written exam who score a grade of 80 or higher. The fee for this exam is $25.00. The fee is paid at the time written request is sent for grading the exam and issuing the Certification. Students pursuing Reiki Plus® Mastership must score 85 or higher on this exam and take the Elective courses IECC and Esoteric Anatomy and Psychology, taught by a Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner or available on Home Study Audio Cassette.

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Reiki Plus® Mastership Program for Teachers

A. Prerequisites for Teaching Candidate

  1. The Candidate has successfully completed the Reiki Plus® Practitioner Program and has taken the Elective Seminars, IECC and Esoteric Anatomy and Psychology.
  2. Candidate evidences spiritual maturity and dedication to become a teacher of Reiki Plus®.
  3. Shows accomplished abilities as a Reiki Plus® Practitioner with a broad experience in treatments of specific imbalances from Practitioner’s healing practice.
  4. Upholds the ethics and spiritual discernment of divine truth.
  5. Ministerial Ordination in the Pyramids of Light Church is optional for a Practitioner already licensed by National Certification to offer natural healing and to touch the human body. Non Licensed Practitioner’s must be Ordained in the Pyramids of Light Church.

B. Tutorial Training:

  1. After a student fulfills Prerequisites for Reiki Plus® Teachers Training, the candidate will begin his or her tutorial training.
  2. The Reiki Plus® Teacher Candidate will continue to Sponsor classes: First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree and Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® to co-teach the required segments of each class. Competency in all class material is evaluated from two perspectives: Teacher Candidate as a Professional Practitioner and as a Teacher demonstrating and lecturing about the Art of Reiki Plus® Natural Healing.
  3. Each segment is written in an outline format. This outline is given to your Teacher not less than 3 weeks prior to teaching. No more than 2 Segments can be presented during any one class. You will be given an Outline to follow in the preparation of Segment:

    First Degree 6 Segments; Second Degree 4 Segments;

    Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki Plus® Technique 6 Segments; & Third Degree 4 Segments.

  4. The Teacher Candidate is responsible for Sponsoring Classes to fulfill his or her financial obligation for the tutorial training provided by your teacher for you to become a Teacher. The proceeds of the class income go to the Reiki Plus® Teacher training the Teacher Candidate.

C. Obligations to be fulfilled Prior to Reiki Plus® Teacher Initiation:

  1. Upon completing your training but before your Initiation as a Teacher, the Reiki Plus® Teacher Candidate must sign the Licensing Agreement for legal authorization to teach the Reiki Plus® Practitioners Certification Program.
  2. This Licensing Agreement is signed with a Reiki Plus® teacher, setting forth the contractual rights to use the Service Marks and Copyrighted Books and materials in inter and intra state commerce, and regarding a Teachers’ responsibilities and obligations to maintain his or her Licensing Rights.

To become a Reiki Plus® Teacher of Teachers, the Reiki Plus® Teacher must have taught the Reiki Plus® Practitioner’s Program for at least 3 years.