The Reiki Plus® Institute of Natural Healing

Holistic Health Education for Practitioner Certification Programs - Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodysm (PSEB)

The Reiki Plus® Institute offers the following five Programs along with Electives:

PSEBsm Practitioner’s Program

The following classes are taught by PSEBsm and Reiki Plus® Teachers

Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodysm One (PSEBsm One)
3 Days
Two Days with Tape Study $300.00


Objectives: At the end of this Seminar you will know through Lecture & Practical Experience:

  1. What the term Subtle Body Healing really means and how the Subtle Bodies function;
  2. Why the bio-magnetic energy field surrounding us is in control of the function and integration of the major systems of the human body;
  3. That you have developed your kinesthetic sensitivity and your intuition to feel the energy currents of the eight Subtle Bodies and the corresponding anatomy each Subtle Body controls;
  4. How to distinguish and align any portion of an imbalanced biomagnetic energy field that is disrupting the function of the body with safe and effective balancing and release procedures;
  5. When to align and stimulate the biomagnetic energy flow to the body to establish homeostasis;
  6. That you have experienced the power of Etheric Body Healing from the healings you gave and received during the 3 days of this course; and,
  7. That you have become proficient in Etheric Body Healing and anxious and excited to integrate this unique and marvelous healing technique into your Professional Practice.
PSEBsm Two
3 Days
Prerequisites: Student must have completed at least 10 Etheric Body Healings
  1. Review and integrate student’s level of competence with PSEBsm I.
  2. Applied Esoteric Psychology & Anatomy will be studied as a part of this class
  3. Learn advanced techniques in PSEBsm Healing:
  • Working multiple chakra centers
  • Finding the specific Body of Origin
  • The Auric Flow sm Technique
  • How to safely spot-treat a somatic imbalance
PSEBsm Three
3 days
Prerequisites: Student must have completed at least 20 Etheric Body Healings
  1. Review and integrate student’s level of competence with PSEBsm II
  2. Applied Esoteric Psychology & Anatomy will be incorporated this class
  3. Work with actual clients in the class Practicum (not another student).
  4. Examination of each student’s assessment and performance of treatment on an unknown client.

PSEBsm Practitioner Certification is completed upon successful completion of the following criteria:

  1. Finishing PSEBsm 1-3 and have completed not less than 30 PSEBsm sessions, which have been written up on the Client Form and reviewed by your Teacher for assistance and feedback.
  2. Be successful in scoring 85 or higher on the PSEBsm Practitioner’s Exam. This exam is written, or oral. The fee for the Practitioner’s Exam is $25.00.

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PSEBsm Mastership Program for Teachers

A. Prerequisites for Teacher Candidate:

  1. The Candidate has successfully completed the PSEBsm Practitioner Program
  2. Candidate evidences spiritual maturity and dedication;
  3. Shows accomplished abilities as a PSEBsm Certified Practitioner with a broad experience in treatments of specific imbalances; and,
  4. Upholds the ethics and spiritual discernment of divine truth.
  5. Ministerial Ordination in the Pyramids of Light, Inc. is optional for a Practitioner already licensed by National Certification to offer natural healing. Non Licensed Practitioner’s must be Ordained in the Pyramids of Light Church.

B. Tutorial Training:

  1. After a student fulfills Prerequisites for PSEBsm Teachers Training, the candidate will begin his or her tutorial training. They will continue to Sponsor classes of the PSEBsm Practitioner’s Program to become proficient co-teaching the segments of each class and to fulfill the financial obligation for Teacher Training. Competency in all class material is evaluated from two perspectives: as a Professional Practitioner and as a Teacher demonstrating and lecturing about the Art and Theory of PSEBsm.
  2. Each segment co-taught is prepared in a written outline format. This outline is given to your Teacher not less than 3 weeks prior to teaching. The following minimum training, Segment Presentations of class material, and demonstrations will provide the Teacher Candidate the opportunity to present all class material for each Seminar in the PSEBsm Program. No more than 2 Segments can be presented during any one class.
  • PSEBsm One, Two and Three: each class is divided into 6 Segments
  1. The Teacher Candidate is responsible for Sponsoring Classes to fulfill his or her financial obligation for the tutorial training provided by your teacher for you to become a Teacher. The proceeds of the class income go to the Teacher training the Teacher Candidate.

C. Obligations to be fulfilled Prior to PSEBsm Teacher Initiation:

  1. Upon completing your training but before your Initiation as a Teacher, the PSEBsm Teacher Candidate must sign the "Licensing Agreement" for legal authorization to teach PSEBsm
  2. This "Licensing Agreement" is signed with a Reiki Plus® PSEBsm teacher, setting forth the contractual rights to use the Service Marks and purchasing the Copyrighted Books and materials for your use in inter and intra state commerce, and regarding a Teachers’ responsibilities and obligations to maintain his or her Licensing Rights.
  3. To become a PSEBsm Teacher of Teachers, the PSEBsm Teacher must have taught PSEBsm classes for at least 3 years.

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The following Elective Studies that support your integration of Subtle Body Healing are offered. These are suggested classes, but are not required. They can be taken in Seminar format or through the Home Study Program.

Applied Esoteric Psychology & Anatomy
Also available on Home Study Recordings
Prerequisites: Read Reiki Plus® Natural Healing (4th Edition) and the 6th Chapter of the Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner’s Manual for Second Degree (2nd Edition) by David Jarrell
The student will learn procedures to assess the client to obtain the thesis of the client’s psycho-physical challenge. Techniques to develop intuition to understand the subtle implications presented by the client’s words describing their condition. The reward of this technique is learning how to redirect the client’s psycho- physical imbalance towards wellness—the ability to handle difficult situations without debilitating stress. Learn proper listening techniques and assessment of symptomatic information; developing a psycho-physical profile intake form; redirection of mind-body-emotions towards wellness through the proper healing modality. Esoteric Anatomy: Learn to delineate the body’s psycho-physical, psycho-emotional and psycho-mental dynamics. Chakra Anatomy: Learn the relationship of the Etheric Bodies and the neurological connection to the glands and organs by chakra dominion. Learn the function of the trinity of healing: Faith, Forgiveness and Trust.
Intuitive Evaluation of Client Consciousness
available only on Home Study Recordings

Individuals confront the challenges of everyday life from the level of maturity and insight they have acquired. How an individual confronts a life challenge equates to the level of trauma stored in the unconscious mind and tissue of the body. To attain clarity, understanding is required for the reasons the personality chooses the challenges for the Ego’s growth towards Soul Consciousness. We have determined there to be Twelve Rays of Consciousness that the personality must traverse to prepare itself for this task.

  1. Understand the cycles of learning and the refinement of the individual’s biomagnetic energy field.
  2. Recognize the potential of the personality to change for positive evolution of the body and soul.
  3. Direct the self and client to gain the strength to build an ever-expanding positive, non-victim conscious foundation from life’s lessons.
  4. Assess the Ray of Consciousness of fellow classmates in the experiential segment of the class.
SATsm One
Prerequisites: Second Degree, PSEB sm
The Spinal Attunement Techniquesm, also known as SATsm, is the method of aligning the sacral - spinal - occiput components of the skeletal system to maximize the flow of spinal fluid and Cosmic Fire needed to feed the body. Once the psycho-physical, psycho-emotional and psycho-mental trauma releases from the spinal complex, the soma will allow a complete healing. Learn how somatic dysfunction causes spinal misalignment. Learn about the psycho-emotional connection with the sympathetic nervous system and the psycho-mental connection to the parasympathetic nervous system. Learn non-invasive alignment of the sacral-occiput spinal complex without manipulation and how to clear the psycho-physical, emotional and mental stress of trauma stored in the anatomy.

Practicum: Each student required to perform not less than 6 SATsm treatments with assessments before certificate is awarded.

Exploring Partnerships With Self and Others
Objectives: To understand how personality and communication factors affect the client/practitioner relationship. Class designed to be highly experiential and explores personality types, forgiveness techniques, helper and communication skills, trust issues and personal accountability.
Breath of Lightsm
Also available on Home Study Recordings
An Illuminating experience - In three hours you will learn: How Light enters the body and charges it with vital energy; How Light flows to the organs, glands and tissue; How your emotions unconsciously limit your receptivity of the Light; How to Master your emotional responses to old negative patterns; How to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual health; How to use energy exercises that direct Light to strengthen the body and reduce or even eliminate pain. Experience David Jarrell’s beautiful and healing Forgiveness Meditation
Theory of Holographic Energy I     
Implementation of Holographic Theory I & II     

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