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Expand the depth of your Healings with David's beautifully inspired Meditations

Forgiveness Meditation

This meditation leads you through the five steps of forgiveness for any challenge you are ready to resolve in your life; a powerful and moving healing experience.



Transmutation Meditation

A guided meditation designed to help you transmute any issue you are working with in your life; meet your spirit teacher and gain spiritual insight on this wondrous journey through your Etheric Bodies.


Fairy Tale Meditation

A regression meditation used in our Reiki Plus® First Degree classes, this tape will help you to understand your free-will soul choices in this lifetime and the life themes you have chosen to work with. Side 2 has the Invocation of the Masters Ceremony (Candle lighting ritual channeling the Masters).


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Reiki Plus® Natural Healing 4th Edition

by Reiki Plus® Master David G. Jarrell

ISBN 0 - 9634690 - 0 - 2       $15.00

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"David Jarrell's handbook presents clear and detailed instructions .... Generously illustrated ... an invaluable guide for both the beginning and experienced practitioner." -- Nancy Burke, Body Mind and Spirit Magazine.

"Well-organized, spiritually sound handbook of Reiki history, philosophy and techniques ... a solid basic text." -- Leading Edge Review

"This handbook contains not only the history of the Reiki healing system, but all phases of giving a treatment to self and others. Reiki Master David Jarrell has expanded upon the basic Reiki attunements by including information about chakras, detoxification, fasting, first aid, and more. He's included many anatomical and hand placement charts that should give confidence to the beginning practitioner." -- Carol Wright (2nd Degree Practitioner), NAPRA Trade Journal, January 1993

Reiki Plus® Natural Healing book cover

Reiki Plus® Natural Healing

4th Edition

Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner's Manual for Second Degree book cover

Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner's Manual for Second Degree

3rd Edition



"David is an exceptional healer and talented teacher. The new Reiki manual discusses David's philosophies and techniques for psycho-emotional-energetic healing in a very accessible manner. The section on specific imbalances is a real treasure, bringing together energetic, emotional, and psychological issues along with naturopathic recommendations from Richelle for foods, herbs, supplements, and homeopathic treatments. This is a great reference for all natural healers."

Nita Brown, M.D.


"Could this be the 'Missing Link'? The Jarrell’s have provided an elegant and profound work that takes a quantum leap towards re-integration of the Whole-Self Consciousness that has been fractured by centuries of Specialized interests. This book will help fan the separate embers of awareness that glow in each of us into a unified flame of confidence in our quest for understanding of the process of Natural Healing of the Body-Mind-Spirit. There are no accidents. You are reading this because you need to read this book."

Dr. Philip Fritchey, M.H., N.D., CNHP

Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner's Manual for Second Degree 3rd Edition

by Reiki Plus® Masters David G. Jarrell and Richelle Jarrell

ISBN 0 - 9634690 - 1 - 0      $15.00

Completely revised, including new nutritional support information from Richelle Jarrell


With this new edition of Reiki Plus Professional Practitioner’s Manual for Second Degree, David Jarrell, the twenty-fourth Reiki master in the tradition of Takata, and his wife Richelle, a Reiki master in her own right, have truly given us a "Reiki plus." Of special note is the generous section on specific imbalances, which highlights not only Reiki treatments for these imbalances, but also recommends nutritional applications and appropriate medical support, and suggests probable esoteric psychological relationships to the dysfunctions."

Otoño Johnston, Reiki Master


"The Authors' teachings go far beyond the traditional teaching of Reiki. They integrate the Ascended Masters' teachings of the 'I AM Consciousness' with their lifetime of spiritual and healing experience.  The information in this book is life transforming and will surely accelerate the reader's own spiritual evolution as well as contribute to the planetary ascension."

Dr. & Mrs. Steele Boring, M.D.



"One night while wandering in a local bookstore, David Jarrell's Reiki Plus Professional Practitioner's Manual for Second Degree, 2nd edition, found it's way into my hands.  Upon reading that book, I knew I had found a Reiki master who was a master of masters well versed in the traditional system who had expanded the emotional healing components of Reiki.

As a clinical psychologist and Doctor of Pharmacy who has used Reiki for self-healing related to an endocrine tumor, I knew personally the power of this Energy and had searched within myself and externally for expanding the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Reiki. David has done this.

Together, Richelle and David have given us another masterpiece of spiritual teachings to facilitate healing of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. While some of this material is very deep and is difficult to understand, they have presented these concepts in a clear, concise manner. Reading this book and applying the principles can change your life - Dare to open yourself to Healing Energies."

Betty Everett, Ph.D., P.D.   

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