The Reiki Plus® Institute of Natural Healing

Offering Classes in Reiki, Etheric Body Healing, Vedic Astrology, Books and Home Study
The Reiki Plus® Institute of Natural Healing

Reiki Plus® is a unique system of Reiki and the Reiki Plus® Institute offers professional education and certification in natural healing.

Massage therapists, physicians, nurses, cranial-sacral therapists, counselors, people from all walks of life, have the potential to gain the following from their training with the Reiki Plus® Institute:

  • Enhancement of their intuitive and kinesthetic sensitivity;
  • Expansion of their spiritual consciousness -- the RPI is designed on spiritual principles;
  • Techniques of healing the client's mind -- body -- emotions;
  • Techniques to align the bio-magnetic energy field directing the function of the physiological systems of the anatomy; and,
  • Training in how to guide and teach clients to align their consciousness to attain the highest potential of wellness they personally choose to claim, within the reality of their physical and structural potential.

The Reiki Plus® Institute's instructional curriculum has evolved over 20 years of teaching a broad spectrum of students and professionals in the holistic field of natural healing.

Our goal is, and will remain, to serve the student’s educational needs so that they can provide practical, effective and knowledgeable help within the parameters of our scope of practice to the public.


The Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki Plus®

Just for Today:

I will Trust
I will be at Peace
I will do my work Honestly
I will respect the rights of all Creation
I will accept my many Blessings

Reiki Plus Natural Healing book

Reiki Plus Natural Healing

by David Jarrell
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Reiki Plus Professional Practitioner's Manual, Third Edition

Completely Revised
by David and Richelle Jarrell

including new nutritional support information from Richelle Jarrell

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